About Susan

About My Address Book and Susan

Born in New Britain, Connecticut and raised in West Hartford, I attended Connecticut College in New London for two years. I then married and transferred to New York University to complete my Bachelor’s degree in history.

To begin raising a family, we moved to Westchester County, New York. After the arrival of my two daughters in the early seventies, I decided to become a real estate broker. Peering into other people’s homes and observing their private lives: their kitchens, their bedrooms, their bathrooms, as well as their more public rooms, I knew someday I would write about my experiences in one form or another.

I retired from real estate in 1990, determined to write about it, rather than sell it. But life intervened and I found myself immersed in the profession of philanthropic development, using many of the same skills I had acquired selling real estate.
It was a move from the East Coast to the Mid-West that prompted me to record all the places I had lived up to that time, as I thought I would never be returning to the East Coast. That first book, called “My Address Book,” was written in 1994.

But then, we did return to the East Coast and I wanted to update the book. The result is “My Address Book: A Way of Remembering.” People who have read the original book have encouraged me to publish it and they constantly amaze me with the details of the book they remember.

I find writing a wonderful medium in which to communicate and to sort out the questions I have had over the years. And so, I write for myself, primarily, but also for others. We’re all in this ship together; none of us will get out alive.  We might as well illuminate our own personal paths – for ourselves and our fellow compatriots.

I have traveled extensively and always, the best part of any trip for me has always been: returning home.  I love where I am now.
In addition to writing, my newest addiction is gardening. I liken it to painting with my bare hands, and to decorating the exterior.