I’ve always considered moving to be one of life’s most unpleasant tasks. Even when the move is “a move up.” By that I mean, moving for positive reasons, including a beneficial change in one’s life, personal or professional, or financial.
I’ve had professional movers who’ve done everything from packing to unpacking, and that was the worst experience of all. I felt a total loss of control.
But, doing all the physical work myself wasn’t exactly a picnic either. I’m thinking chipped nails, paper cuts, sore shoulders and more. But at least, in doing all my own packing, I labelled cartons and knew what was in them and where they would go in the new place. I had control.
If I detest moving so much, you might ask, how come I’ve moved 17 times in my life? Ah ha! Sometimes we have to move due to the changing circumstances in our lives.
I envy those people who have been able to live in one place, one dwelling, for all or most of their lives. That implies a stability and a sense of satisfaction that is, in my mind, admirable.
Of the 17 places I’ve lived in, four of them started out being my “forever” homes. One, my all-time favorite, no longer exists. Such are the vagaries of life.