A New Chapter!

In my memoir, I’ve saId “Never say Never” and now I’ve done it again. In my last chapter I remarked how I hoped this would be the last place I’ve lived in, as I finally felt “home.” And, my husband and I love our home very much. However, our thinking […] Read more »

Stardust Can be Sprinkled on Anyone

I have always been a little bit star-struck, and have in fact, inadvertently, bumped into quite a few of them in my life. John Travolta at the Santa Barbara Biltmore Hotel in the ’80’s; Robert Redford at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in the ’90’s, Tom Cruise and Glenn Close […] Read more »

The Joys of Gardening

Of all the places I’ve lived, and the homes I’ve inhabited, this one, in Madison, CT, is the first one where I have actually established and worked the gardens. In my previous homes, I would have been considered a “checkbook gardener.” I hired others to do the work. We didn’t […] Read more »

Home for the Holidays

It’s holiday time again. Thanksgiving will soon be upon us, with Christmas in another month. Traditionally, or, perhaps I should say, in the past, these two holidays were spent with our immediate families. But times have changed. Families lose some members and add new ones. They move away from the […] Read more »

Memoirs are a Window

Recently, a man who had read my book, My Address Book: A Way of Remembering, said to me, “When I was reading your book, I felt as though I were a Peeping Tom!” I smiled at him and said not to worry. Inwardly, I was pleased that he expressed that […] Read more »


I’ve always considered moving to be one of life’s most unpleasant tasks. Even when the move is “a move up.” By that I mean, moving for positive reasons, including a beneficial change in one’s life, personal or professional, or financial. I’ve had professional movers who’ve done everything from packing to […] Read more »