Ordinary and Interesting

When thinking about writing a memoir, I feel very strongly that every life is interesting and worth recording, as you can see from my blog below.
What I’ve been encountering in the media – in so many books, magazines, and the social media of FaceBook, Twitter, and the like – is an emphasis or even a predilection towards the outrageous, the outlandish, and the bizarre. It’s as though people have to appear to be flamboyant to feel validated or interesting.
I think that’s hogwash! While most of us think of ourselves as individuals and unique, do we really have to do something or act outrageous to be worthy of attention or respect? I don’t think so. In fact, I think it’s the individuals who do not call attention to themselves, but merely live their lives in accordance to their own personal beliefs, that merit respect, attention, and interest. And it is those lives which can actually be more interesting than, say a Snooki or some other media attention-grabber.
How one handles one’s life – whatever the circumstances – can be informative and even inspiring. Few of us have been dealt a totally winning hand in the game of life. It’s how we play the cards we’re dealt that makes the difference in the game.
In so many cases, it’s the people who are the quiet, unassuming ones, who have some very interesting, if unheralded, lives. And we all can learn a lot from many of them.